Resource Impact, an independent 501(c)(3) organization, was formed by expert leaders in nonprofit management, leadership development, and social change in response to demand from leading philanthropists for an efficient, cost-effective, and time-saving platform to support, launch, and operate charitable projects.

Resource Impact tackles 21st-century social challenges by helping today’s progressive leaders learn from the past, plan for the future, and execute on strategies that bring about beneficial social change. We provide fiscal agency, management, and organizational development services that allow you to concentrate on work that promotes a fair and equitable society and a healthy environment. We generally work with groups in the fields of environmental conservation, justice, and sustainability; civil and human rights; social change and movement building; and the arts and public education.


Resource Impact incubates projects and programs that might not wish to become incorporated as separate charitable entities, are in their initial growth towards incorporation as nonprofit charities, or are recently incorporated and would benefit from secure, effective, and cost-efficient management and financial services. You can choose basic fiscal agency including charitable exempt status, legal compliance, financial/restricted fund management, and contribution clearing; or access a variety of management services based on the analysis and advice of Resource Impact’s capacity-building professionals. Experts in leadership and management guide you through organizational development that facilitates your programmatic and institutional growth.

Financial Management

Appropriate stewardship of all funds. Includes management of all revenues and expenditures, monthly financial reporting, budgeting, cash flow projecting, annual auditing, investment management, and financial compliance for restricted funding.

Risk Management

Risk Management keeps pace with constantly changing regulations and liability issues involving people, property, and income. Qualify projects for legitimate charitable purposes and approves projects of Resource Impact participation. Liability, risk and contingency planning, and technical support for projects’ program operations.

Organization Development     Technical Support

Expert consultation with projects on programmatic and institutional growth planning and implementation. Customized processes, tools and management available for strategic, campaign and project planning; program development and evaluation; fund development planning and fundraising; as well as many other functions. 

Grants/Donation Management

Compliance for all grant awards and donations. Administers grant agreements and maintains restriction, complete record keeping and financial and programmatic reporting, ensures gift acceptance and expenditures for legitimate charitable purposes. Additional services include actively soliciting for project support from foundations, individuals, business, governments and other institutions. Data management services are also available. 

Personnel and Service Partners Management

Secure and sustain human resources for projects, provide direct staffing for general operations, direct access to providers of contracted services at negotiated rates, administer necessary employment and contract compliance, and record keeping. 

Project Advisory Board Consultation

Support projects to build effective governance structures to help guide the project towards incorporation, if appropriate, and transition to a board of directors.

Resource Impact works closely with and contracts many of its services from The Raben Group, a trusted partner to nonprofit and philanthropic leaders across the country for 15 years. Pricing for basic fiscal agency is based on the percentage of funds managed, generally not exceeding seven percent. Service packages are designed based on your project’s specific needs and will be quoted on a per contract basis. We will work with you to design services that enable you to accomplish your programmatic goals.